The Scouters Lodge sells a variety of items, both Masonic and Scouting in nature. Each item can be ordered either through PayPal, or by mailing a check to the Lodge PO Box, with the included order.

The Scouters Lodge A.F. & A.M.
PO Box 151
Holden, MA 01520

Lodge Challenge Coin

$10.50 per

Challenge Coin

  • Lodge Emblem on obverse
  • Tooth of Time on reverse
  • 5 color enamel
  • Individually packaged

Lodge Hat

$25 per

Lodge hat

  • Lodge Emblem on front
  • Constituted date on back
  • Adjustable back
  • One size fits most

Lodge Patch

$15 per

Lodge hat

  • Official Lodge patch
  • Stitched with 6 colors
  • Designed for pocket wear
  • Only available through the lodge