A selection of designs covering different projects and products.

In most cases, I will use something similar to my Design Sprint site to organize my research (competitive and inspirational), create an easy access point for design assets, and color palettes. If I'm working on a prototype, I'll often include that link as well.

Customer Engagement App

For this project, I was tasked with improving the overall user experience for tracking customer engagement and marketing campaigns. This project included creating color palettes, new UI components, personas, and user journeys.

the journey
Customer Engagement App Dashboard thumbnail

Application Lifecycle Management

A one-stop-shop for a team's planning and project lifecycle management.

the journey
Application Lifecycle Management thumbnail

Switchback TimeTrak

The goal of this redesign was to create a simplistic system to easily access recent log entries, active projects, and team calendars. From this dashboard, users can quickly see these items, in addition to providing quick navigation items for in-depth reporting.

Switchback Timetrak thumbnail


For this project, I was tasked with converting the UI of a COBOL application into something that would work with the modern web. The task was very challenging, in that one of the main requirements was to keep the layout as close to the original application as possible (in order to minimize the amount of relearning existing users would need to do), while also providing a clean UI that would attract new users to the platform.

Structure Cloud UI screenshot

District 25 website

The members of the 25th District reached out to me to update their outdated design with something new and clean that would draw new users in, while also quickly and easily displaying information that existing users consistently want to access. Through this process, I worked with the leadership committee to create a clean solution, while keeping a consistent feel across the platform.

District 25 website


Structure Cloud logo Structure Cloud logo w/text

Wireframes are the basis for the majority of my designs. I often will include call-outs or descriptors to help disseminate the information on the wireframes, rather than have an overcomplicated design.


From time to time, I'm asked to create a new logo or update an existing one. These can be based off of existing ideas or done from scratch. Here are a few examples.

Structure Cloud logo Structure Cloud logo w/text
Scouters Lodge logo Two logos to be used on a glass

Sketch libraries

Social tag for the Bootstrap 5 Sketch library

Bootstrap 5

From time to time, I will create a Sketch library for use in a given project. These are shared with the team, as well as online. I create these libraries when I know that a given project will either have a large number of components or have multiple designers working on it. This will ensure continuity between designs and a clear understanding of what is being done.

Editor themes PatternFly Syntax screenshot

PatternFly UI (

This theme is inspired by PatternFly for use with Just a fan of both projects, creating something that I'll like to look at every day. This is a dark theme, using blue as the primary color. PatternFly Syntax screenshot

PatternFly Syntax (

This is a PatternFly syntax theme for the editor, inspired by the open source PatternFly library. This syntax theme is best used with the PatternFly UI theme.