When I work on a design, I prototype as I go. This allows me to see what I'm doing in a working environment, while keeping expectations realistic.


PatternFly 4

In support of the 4th release of PatternFly, I worked with a group of designers to create a modern, responsive take on the PatternFly website. Using a responsive layout with SVGs that move with the page, I create clean aesthetic that would flow through the rest of the site.

View PatternFly 4 demo

Feature flags

As part of a usability study, I worked with a UX Researcher to test out different variations of a Feature Flag, or notifier, for aspects and pages of an application that are either in a pre-release state, or have an unreleased element in use.

View Feature Flags demo


See the Pen Animated Cards on Glass by Adam Jolicoeur (@mindreeper2420) on CodePen.

See the Pen Download Card Overlay by Adam Jolicoeur (@mindreeper2420) on CodePen.