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One enterprise task management system to rule them all.

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Application Lifecycle Management

A one-stop-shop for a team's planning and project lifecycle management.

the journey

Customer Engagement App

End-to-end tracking of customer engagement and marketing campaigns.

the journey
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Switchback TimeTrak

The goal of this redesign was to create a simplistic system to easily access recent log entries, active projects, and team calendars. From this dashboard, users can quickly see these items, in addition to providing quick navigation items for in-depth reporting.

Sketch / Bootstrap / Font Awesome

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Structure Cloud

For this project, I was tasked with converting the UI of a COBOL application into something that would work with the modern web. The task was very challenging, in that one of the main requirements was to keep the layout as close to the original application as possible (in order to minimize the amount of relearning existing users would need to do), while also providing a clean UI that would attract new users to the platform.

Sketch / Font Awesome / Visual Studio

Structure Cloud UI screenshot


I've created many presentations over the years and have transitioned many of them to Figma using the prototyping functionality. Below are a few examples of different presentations.

Environment themes

As one who likes to personalize their working environment, I look at creating themes for IDEs, my terminal environment, and Stream Deck board. If you can't enjoy the space you're in, why be in it?

Inspired by the PatternFly design system, I created two libraries for use with As is no longer available, these themes are left to history. PatternFly Theme screenshot PatternFly theme PatternFly Syntax screenshot PatternFly syntax